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Kris Young - Showreel



DEPO - Launch



A launch video for the opening of new creative space in Prague, Czech Republic called DEPO. We have managed to create a visceral street-vibe ride through 3 main rooms of Depo. The iconic staircase leading up to the main hall and then we continue to the showroom and a bar. All discovered through the movements of 2 competing dancers.

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Jackpot Symphony



When Jack is desperate to buy his daughter a Christmas gift a wealthy and eccentric stranger offers him a helping hand. All he wants in return is a little personal talisman. Is Jack willing to take the deal?

Bonbon Spot



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Sella Spot



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This was a nice and well-prepared project promoting Reas. A company offering their services in the real estate market. We worked with the talented actress Bára Chybová who did a great job just as the whole team.

Music Videos

Occasionaly I take music videos as passion projects and try out new things. I like to focus more on the story element and less on the lip-sync so they end up being these chaotic short films to me.

Kinsfolk - AMFAGM

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Jako Swayze

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Feel The Comfort



A commercial video for the furniture company Domark. The message came from the idea that the most comfortable way to accomplish something isn’t necessarily always the best way. Sometimes a little struggle can go a long way. The name of the video became the new slogan of the company so in that instance, and many others, this turned out to be a successful endeavor.



VFX Artist/Post-Production Director/Editor

Salsita Software asked us to create a brand video which would represent the spirit of their company. This video involved a lot of planning and VFX. The video was produced by Silencio FX, post-production company.

Mc Donald’s


Director of Photography

Commercial skits for McDonald’s CZ/SK YouTube Channel. I was a DoP on those. It’s an entertainment channel focused on debunking McDonald’s myths and showing the true side of the franchise. The videos are carried by two talented moderators guiding its audience through the content.



Director / Producer / Director of Photography

Talks by Janine is an interview show I was lucky to Direct and Co-Produce with the Czech fashion designer Janine herself. I have also directed and shot several other interviews, and interview-style commercials.

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Editor/Colorist/Motion Graphics...

All-Around-Man capable of All-Around-Things

That’s not all yet! I do much more. Here are some projects I worked on, mostly in the post-production doing editing, color-grading, VFX or animation.. Videos are never done by just one person. It’s always a combination of many people’s visions and careers and experiences focused in one direction to create the best work possible. And thus I was lucky to work with talented people and learn from their experience and knowledge to satisfy clients’ vidid and playful visions.

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I am a self-taught filmmaker. I started making short films with friends early in childhood when I was 11. I followed the passion throughout my life and watched myself grow in skill and vision. I am now a 31-years-old working professional. I have worked on every position in the industry and my main domain is writing & directing now. It takes knowing all the fields across the video/film production to know how to create and pull a project to its finest potential.

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